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Art Programs

Urban Poets Artist

Urban Poets offers literacy support for the youth through art programs and workshops.

Our goal is to expand new forms of art and technology to lower-income communities that traditionally have less access to resources and exposure to various art fields.

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Artist Workshops
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Art & Culture

The Urban Art Collab is an annual program that offers participants the opportunity to engage with art, culture, and history, develop workplace and team-building skills, and learn about various professional options and career paths. We encourage students to use their creativity and teamwork skills to create a musical recording that promotes positive social change.

The program offers three project-based courses, allowing high school students who have had limited access to computers and other technologies the opportunity to create new forms of art. We invite students to learn how to write poetry, produce music and record audio. Our workshops are led by Subject Matter Experts, which are industry professionals with a high level of experience within their prospective art field.

The workshops will teach, inspire and challenge students while strengthening teamwork skills. At the end of the program, students are asked to perform their musical creation, and we invite our SMEs to help evaluate their projects. We also invite the students' friends and family to our closing ceremony.

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