Urban Poets Artist
Urban Poets Artist

The Urban Art Collab

Students Pick One Topic

  • writer
  • music producer
  • audio engineer

Each Team
Will Include

  • - Creative Writer
  • - Music Producer
  • - Recording Engineer

Program Description

Urban Poets will invite high school students to our 4-day summer camp. The program offers three project-based courses, allowing high school students who have had limited access to computers and other technologies the opportunity to create new forms of art. We invite students to learn how to write poetry, produce music and record audio.

We ask each student to select a course then we pair the students into groups. The groups will consist of a writer, a music producer, and an audio engineer. Our workshops are led by Subject Matter Experts, which are industry professionals with a high level of experience within their prospective art field. The Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) are hired as contractors to help facilitate the learning experience.

In addition to SMEs, we will provide each workshop with an assistant to help students with ideation and creation. We hire artists who have experience with writing, music production, or recording to help assist our workshops. After students select a course, we pair them in groups because their roles depend on each other.

The writer will work with the music producer to compose an original song from their lyrics. Students in the music production course are responsible for creating an instrumental to pair with the writer's lyrics. The writer and music producer will rely on the audio engineer to record and mix the song.

Applicant Qualifications

• All participants must be enrolled in high school in Metro Atlanta between the grades 8th & 12th.
• Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team

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